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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

(posted: 07/20/2015)

Are you trying to figure out what your next step is?

Or are you wondering what path you should take to fulfill your destiny?

You are not alone. It can be frustrating when at times you feel you have taken a wrong turn on your journey to where you want to go. Or feel stuck and not sure what is your next step.

The Law of Change In Practice

First of all, every experience that you do create for yourself is helping you in some way. Whether it helps you heal yourself or to understand what and how to do something differently it is all in service to your spiritual journey.

Now let's look at how you could help yourself get what you want.

One of the principles of The Law of Change is Principle #3 Formulate A Clear & Specific Intention. Learning how to communicate with Spirit and the Universe by asking the right questions is a very important element to creating change.

An important element in asking the right question is to fine-tune what you are asking. At times, we can all get stuck on only what is before us. My suggestion to you is to continue to clarify your questions. In fine tuning your questioning technique you may experience answers that go beyond your own imagination.

Ways to Develop Your Questioning Techniques

Most importantly - Don't forget to ask Spirit, or whatever you believe in, for guidance. Then:

  1. Continue to clarify what you want
  2. Phrase what you want into a question versus a statement
  3. Be specific in the way you ask your questions of Spirit


"Where Hope resides,
there you will find Faith

Within this Faith you will find
Trust, Forgiveness & Peace

In this Peace you will find
no room for
worry or anger in your heart"

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