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Testimonials from Our Clients

"Under the leadership of Catherine Benenati, I have been able to accept and love the inner child within my soul through Healing Guided Imagery. Catherine's guidance is inspiring and enlightening. My confidence has greatly improved and I am finally on an attainable, exciting path which I KNOW is the correct choice for MY LIFE."

Patricia V.


"I had a hard time putting into words how I feel; you have helped me so much. When I walked into class unsure and a heavy burden on my shoulders you gave me the knowledge and understanding I needed to walk my path with strength and clarity. Thank You Catherine for your guidance and inspiration!!"

Joy Williams

"This retreat was a catalyst... It was not a passive, learn-from-the-spoken word-and-take-copious-notes type of event, but one that actively engaged us in focusing on our goals. Since attending, parts of my goal have just been coming to me, plus my decisions are clear. It was one of the best gifts I've given myself!!"

Margaret Benavides

"Catherine's teachings allowed me to reach a new level in my Energy work...[And] the beautiful setting for this retreat created the perfect atmosphere for transformation and reflection. After the retreat, I was able to connect more deeply while helping animals and people through my work as a Healing Touch Practitioner."

Ilona Robinson

"Catherine's retreats are summer camp for the Soul! I felt worlds away from my life and was able to let go completely, relaxing into the ocean air and Catherine's spiritual intuition. We were all on paths of discovery led by one surprising self-revelation after another. As the last day came, I was surprised at how fast the time went by, how rejuvenated I was, and how much I learned about myself."

L. Cameron

"Maya Angelou states, 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' This quote best describes Catherine M. Benenati. I "worked" with Catherine's unique therapeutic style and found it to be one of the best gifts I have given to myself. She guided me through the challenges of growth and discoveries into areas I had hidden. I found the voice of my inner child; I've learned to nurture, love and appreciate her. I have learned so many valuable lessons through our sessions. I am not the same fearful, guilt-ridden individual that I was 5 years ago. I have been able to forgive myself for the negative judgments I carried for decades as well as to change my thought patterns to ones of loving, deserving and worthiness in life. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your talents and providing me with the tools to carry on. I will never forget the feelings of connection to my heart and soul and this beautiful universe that you facilitated! I am so, so grateful."

Margaret B.

Educational Consultant

"Catherine is a wonderful healer. Through her guidance and help, I now have less physical and mental pain and have been able to pursue a new, rewarding career. She has helped me to overcome many obstacles and has encouraged me to gain a more positive outlook on life."

Ilona Robinson

Registered Nurse

Concord, CA

"My mother and I had become each other's best friend and support after my father's death. We had courageously embarked on a deep path of healing both of our childhood wounds. I could not even begin to imagine the loss of my mother and here I was facing that very reality. Catherine's soft voice and gentle spirit guided me and supported me during one of the most difficult times of my life. The comfort that I received from her calls as I road an emotional roller coaster of feelings is and was immeasurable. It is never easy letting go-but with Catherine's loving spirit heart it can be peaceful and true."


"When I began seeing Catherine, I had just left an extremely awful ongoing work situation. My confidence was shaken and my feelings were hurt. I had been interviewing for months previously for other professional positions which I was qualified for. I found myself consistently panicking at certain questions during the interviews and not doing well. Despite the perfect resume and experience, I wouldn't be called back for a second interview. After just two sessions with Catherine, I had three interviews in a week with different prospective employers. I was thrilled to be called for second interviews on all three and was offered three positions! Catherine was as excited about our results as I was. She is a caring and wise woman who continued to guide me and help me come to terms with my situation and an understanding of my needs. She is a good soul."

Carole W.

"Catherine's help has been invaluable to me as a business manager in my personal and professional growth. During several intervals over the past eight years, Catherine has helped to identify and resolve issues that were obstacles to my level of satisfaction with my life and career. She is a sensitive, intuitive and resourceful guide to understand issues such as how I interact with people and how they in turn react to me. As a result of her help, I have an improved sense of accomplishment and more confidence that I can achieve my goals."

Linda Henry, Ph.D.

Chief Toxicologist, VP

Brown and Caldwell

Pleasant Hill, CA

"...helps me to express my issues in a safe, nonthreatening environment."


HR Director

Walnut Creek, CA

"...gentle loving guidance on a path to the heart and soul."

Mark P.

R.N.- Caregiver

San Mateo, CA

"When my life gets overwhelming, Catherine is able to give me insight on how to sort things out and clearly see my choices."


Administrative Assistant

Concord, CA

"Through Catherine's loving, sensitive and intuitive guidance I can now see a life free of fear, shame and anxiety."



Orinda, CA

"I feel as though a transformation has taken place. What was once a lost and broken little girl is now becoming a strong and caring woman. Catherine is the essence of spirit."



Martinez, CA

"Catherine's attentiveness and genuine sincerity help create an environment of trust. Her hypnotherapy techniques have proven to be an invaluable tool for recalling past memories allowing the client to heal present issues. Catherine's insight and incorporation of spirit into the sessions, assists her with identifying potential areas of growth. Working with Catherine has been a very positive experience that I hope will be ongoing."


Team Lead-Biotechnology

Belmont, CA

"I felt comfortable with Catherine immediately, she is very intuitive and is able to pick up on my emotions instantly, sometimes even before I recognize them myself. Working with her I have transformed my life. She enables me to not only see my true self but to actually be my true self."


Department Manager

San Francisco, CA

"I came to Catherine last winter during my "dark night of the soul." Sadness, despair really, was my closet companion. With Catherine's nurturance and support, I have been able to look at the causes of my despair with honesty and bravery. Catherine has stood with me, helping me to see what I need to see, sometimes as my champion, sometimes with a gentle nudge, always with amazing patience and grace. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is ready to look deeply at the things that need to be seen."



Pleasant Hill, CA

"As a result of the work I've been doing with Catherine, I'm not gaining a better sense of self or a new sense of self, but simply a sense of self. I'm learning that in order to connect with others, I need to connect with myself. By gaining a sense of self and connecting with that self, I'm actually beginning to live my life rather than just being a spectator. The old, familiar hopelessness is starting to turn into hope."


Technical Writer

Boulder, CO

"Catherine's strong sense of the particular energy brought forward by potential business associates has been a key part of my strategic development phase. Catherine has wisely asked me key questions to get to the heart of the matter and her loving has helped me to discover my own answers."

Maggie Berry

President Core Matters

Denver, CO

"I have worked with Catherine for over a year now and I have found her insightful and trustworthy. She has the ability to enter my darkness without fear, light a lamp, and then accompany me back to the surface. She is a true healer."



Walnut Creek, CA

"Before Catherine, I had started to get really ill. Constant flu symptoms, migraines and my psoriasis became worse. I went to the doctor and after many blood samples and costly visits, they told me to rest, to become less stressed. My world seemed fine on the outside, I smiled at work and continued my hobbies, walked my dog, visited family but my world inside of myself was blocked. This block became a source of unhappiness, as events of my past just kept repeating themselves: constant work conflicts, financial devastation, relationships failing, success then...failure constantly. I felt no way out. On releasing my unhappiness to a good friend of mine, she told me about Catherine and suggested I see her. After quite some time, I made the decision to call Catherine and after she talked to me on the telephone, she agreed to see me. Without going into further detail of myself, and my past, I must share this with those willing to read. My visits with Catherine have helped me, and are helping me, gain an insight into myself for the VERY first time in my life. I noticed trends and traits of my personality, thoughts, beliefs, and values that emanated into my daily world, my social self. Some of these aspects of myself, I had NO idea existed. Once I started to focus on my thoughts and actions, my work became more interesting and less complicated. Co-workers, family, friends and men in my life, noticed a change and the change in me was great. My self-esteem had grown and for once in my life, I felt actively engaged in my world as myself. I am more compassionate, wise, friendly and happier since I have seen Catherine. I work on becoming a better human being, everyday of my life. When situations arise in which I feel might devastate me, I use the tools that Catherine has given me to get through, tools I sometimes pass to family and friends when they choose to listen. Although a long testimonial, I felt that I needed to write it as such. Catherine is a gift to all those who encounter her and if they are willing to grow and let go of old ways, they too will leave their boring cocoon and surprise the world when they break it. Thank You Catherine!"

Monica Alvarez


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